Thursday, October 4, 2012

Communications, media, and journalism graduate students, how many of you have faced this scenario?

You have conducted research. 

Great job! 

Now you are being told that you have to present your research at conferences. 

Also great, except there are a lot of conferences out there with different names and research categories and submission dates and acceptance rates. 

It can be overwhelming and confusing, so take a breath before you threaten to chuck your computer out the window and shout at the world "Just tell me what to do!"

For all of my fellow overworked and stressed out grad students struggling to find the right communication conference out there in the digital world, this blog is for you!  Here you can find descriptions and links to communication-related conferences, along with submission dates and other important information. 

This blog is about helping each other get that oh so coveted "professional presentation experience."  We are always looking for new conferences and tips on how to present.  If you know of a conference, or something else that should be on this blog, let me know.